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Midwives practicing in Florida are offering care in both urban and rural areas, and to all socioeconomic groups. The cost of a midwife-assisted birth is significantly less than that of hospital birth, and numerous scientific studies have shown midwifery care and home birth to be at least as safe as physician assisted hospital births for the vast majority of mothers and babies. Currently birth center and homebirth midwifery care is readily available to the women and families of Florida.

The access to midwifery care which Florida's residents enjoy is largely due to political organizing and advocacy in the 1980's and early 1990's - including crucial grassroots efforts by the Florida Friends of Midwives. Consumers and other advocates for expanding availibility to midwifery care lobbied our state government and succeeded in getting mother friendly laws passed in Florida.

Political circumstances over the next few years are going to require a strong consumer voice in support of midwifery. In response to this emerging need, Florida Friends of Midwives came together again in the fall of 2007 as a small group of consumers, students and midwives.

In Need of Board Members!

We're in need of three new board members, and are seeking board members whose experience and involvement in the birth community has given them the skills and knowledge to play a central role in the important work of FFOM. Members of the board of directors should represent the interests of the membership of FFOM in furtherance of its mission.

Right now we are looking for three industrious and daring women to accept the following positions:

• Legislative Committee Chair
• Fundraising Committee Chair
• Membership Committee Chair

If you know someone you would recommend or you wish to be considered as a candidate for the Board of Directors, please email us at

 Call for Regional Group Leaders!

Regional groups are local groups of parents and professionals who share information, offer support, and protect the rights of women and families to make informed choices within their local community.

We need groups in the following areas: Tampa, Gainesville,  Tallahassee, Fort Myers.

If you are interested in leading a Regional Group in your area or have questions about regional groups click here.


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