Other PRO-LABELS specialty services include:

Mailing Labels

PRO-LABELS offers an organized system of mailing for the actor. With over 20 different types of updated mailing label lists, an actor can reach as many people in the business as he or she so chooses. It is an efficient, highly effective and inexpensive method, one which is currently receiving much praise and recognition from top Agencies in New York and Los Angeles.   Click Here to purchase.

Postcard Message Labels

Save yourself hours of handwriting messages to industry people by utilizing postcard message labels! Order these labels in conjunction with the mailing list(s) you've chosen. Please keep in mind that the message needs to be concise in order to be effective. If need be, PRO-LABELS will be happy to assist you in composing the ideal message for your mailing. (Please either email us your message or enter it into the Comments/Special Instructions box when you order.) We strongly encourage you to sign your own name (for that personal touch) at the bottom of each label, therefore, unless you specify otherwise, your name will NOT be printed on your postcard message label.  Click Here to purchase.


PRO-LABELS specializes in resumes and was initially founded partly due to the high demand for our excellent formatting skills. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a PRO-LABELS resume is sure to get you noticed. Prices range from $50-$75 depending on your current needs and can be emailed to you in Microsoft Word at your request.  Click Here to purchase.

Cover Letters

PRO-LABELS specially prints cover letters for your 8x10 mailing. We'll help you write your letter and you may personally choose from a wide assortment of color card stock. Our cover letters are an attractive and unique way of presenting yourself to industry professionals. Prices vary.  Click Here to purchase.

Full Mailing Service

PRO-LABELS will do your entire mailing for you from start to finish. You provide the desired amount of photographs to be sent and we'll do the rest. PRO-LABELS offers the most organized and efficient system for contacting professionals in the business. Prices start at $2.45 per photo for an 8x10 mailing and $.95 each for postcard mailings. All prices include postage. We do not accept orders of less than 100 pieces.  Contact Us Here for more information.

Return Address Labels

PRO-LABELS offers Personalized Address Labels.  Order this product to add finishing touches to your mailing and save time with convenient, self-sticking labels. 

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